Annual! The first new shoe of Air Max Day is released on Champs Sneakers

Jan 9, 2023

Hi everyone! I'm Champs Sneakers.

On March 26, 1987, Nike released the first Air Max 1 equipped with a "visual air cushion", and the Air Max series became one of the most classic shoes in Nike's history.

▼ Original Nike Air Max 1

Therefore, every year on March 26, Nike will hold a worldwide "Air Max Day" to celebrate the birth and development of this technology.

▼ Previous "Air Max Day" series

The latest news from Champs Sneakers: Recently, a pair of new color Nike Air Max Scorpion photos in honor of "Air Max Day" in 2023 were exposed, and the shape was very pleasing.

The whole pair of shoes is mainly white, supplemented by yellow and pink candy color, and the visual effect is particularly fresh.

The shoe body is still wrapped with Chenille Flyknit technology, presenting the special texture of fuzziness first, and then matching with the sweetness of color to make the overall shape very cute.

The Swoosh logo with black hook edge and fluffy texture is used on the side, which not only echoes the shoe body, but also shows the full sincerity of "Air Max Day".

The sky-blue insole shape is also worth mentioning. The left and right feet are decorated with chat records and clouds and flowers, and the words "YYDS" and "JUST DO IT" can also be seen in the chat records, which not only shows the brand slogan!

Finally, it ends with the oversized and ultra-thick Air Max midsole, which can not only ensure excellent foot feel, but also have a significant increase effect.

At present, the new "Air Max Day" theme, the Nike Air Max Scorpion, should officially meet with you before and after March 26 this year. Interested friends can continue to pay attention, and we Champs Sneakers will also report for you at the first time.

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