Supreme x Dunk SB Foot Effect Exposure on Champs Sneakers

Mar 15, 2023

Hi everyone! I'm Champs Sneakers.

As the "big brother" in the trend circle, Supreme has been one of the most popular street brands in the world since its birth in 1994, and its joint cooperation has attracted the attention of global trend players.

With the arrival of spring, Supreme's new products this year have appeared one after another, each of which is unique and loved by fashion lovers from all walks of life.

Among the many new products, the most worth mentioning is the two Supreme x Nike SB Dunks reps, one high and one low.

The latest news from Champs Sneakers: Recently, the high-top version of the Supreme x Nike SB Dunk reps's latest upper foot map was exposed, and the release information was updated again.

The whole pair of shoes is mainly in beige, supplemented by large-area graffiti-style patterns.

The graffiti was inspired by the late artist Rammellzee, whose unique and avant-garde artistic elements made great contributions to the development of early hip-hop culture, and many Rappers were deeply influenced by it.

▼ Rammellzee himself

Speaking of the shoe itself, in terms of material, this joint name uses a large area of canvas fabric, which is wrapped with suede leather. On the premise of ensuring the texture, it presents the typical skateboard shoe configuration to the maximum extent.

The details are also in place. In addition to the standard golden "SUPREME" shoelace buckle, the insole is also red and written with the words "Sup" and "reme" respectively, highlighting the joint identity.

Finally, a white midsole and a khaki raw rubber outsole complete the overall design.

According to the latest news, the new Supreme x Nike SB Dunk reps High "Rammellzee" will officially meet with you in July this year. The sale price is $140. Interested friends can continue to pay attention to Champs Sneakers. Timely report for everyone.

Supreme x Nike SB Dunk High “Rammellzee”
Item No.: FD8779-100
Release date: July 2023

Release Price: $140 USD

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